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Invest India and AIGDF Stakeholder Consultation on Gaming Promotion and Regulation

On 5th October, 2023, Invest India and AIGDF collaborated to host a stakeholder consultation and roundtable on gaming promotion and regulation. A conducive regulatory ecosystem for online gaming in India will also work to ensure the building of stronger Indian intellectual property in relation to game engines, analytic tools, and generative AI. In order to allay investor concerns it is therefore important for the industry to convene and map the various issues investors face in order to work towards solutions.


The primary aim of the consultation ws to convene representatives from diverse segments of the gaming industry and its allied sectors. The purpose is to identify and comprehensively address sector-wise industry-related challenges, fostering a clearer understanding of these issues thereby attracting greater investment and bolstering its growth potential. The session was well attended with key leaders within various gaming segments present and providing their inputs.

Find the events details on Twitter/X.


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